The History of the Badge
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1. The History of the Badge

The History of The Badge - Bryan Barber recounts.

“I seem to remember the first badge ( crossed crutches). We had had a competition to design a badge. A referendum was held, and the crutches won – they were everyone's’ third choice.
The crutches, well they were designed by George Shields as a bit of a joke; we had a couple of broken legs in the first season. One of these I remember well: it was at Eccleshall. I passed the ball back to John Hesketh - a poor pass. He went to kick it, and broke his leg in the undertaking.
Move on a couple of seasons and it was decided to get a little more serious,.... and this is how I remember it: the crutches stayed as they were the original badge, the Derby ram was next, then the Melbourne coat of arms (the Melbourne Arms was our club house, lastly the English rose because Rose was the land lady of the Melbourne arms.
I’ve heard a couple of different versions how this badge came about, but this is how it truly happened."