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1) Welcome to the Club.

Irrespective if this is your first season with the Club or you are an old hand – a very big welcome to the 2018/2019 season.
Melbourne RFC are accredited by the RFU which means that we are considered to be a safe environment to learn rugby. To help you understand how we operate, we would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to read this guide especially the players and parents code of conduct. We would ask you and your child to follow these at all times. Please also see Section 9 where we outline how you can help the Club if you wish to do so.
MRFC has its home at the Melbourne Sporting Pavilion at Cockshut Lane, Melbourne, Derbyshire however many home matches for the minis, girls and sometimes the juniors are played at Chellaston Academy, Swarkestone Road, Chellaston so please check with your age group manager before you travel.
Please remember that the Club is run entirely by volunteers. We strive to be a friendly community club where the enjoyment of all our players and coaches is put first. If you would like to speak to me about this guide or any aspect of the club, please call me on 07964358042.
You will also find information on the club, rules, policies and contact details of coaches and fixtures on our Pitchero website and various Face Book pages run by the individual age groups and sections. The website will also give you details of the AGM of the main Club which takes place in June each year and which you are welcome to attend.
Have a great season.
Julia Saunders
Chairman Melbourne Minis, Minxes & Juniors.

2) Coaches in Age Groups.

Each age group has a lead coach and manager. They will be supported by other coaches. All of our coaches have either passed RFU training requirements or are working towards them. All coaches have had (DBS) police checks through the RFU.
Please help the coach by:
• Introducing yourself to the team for your age group;
• Ensuring that all contact details for your child are kept up to date ;
• Responding quickly to texts or e mails from your coach;
• Reading and staying within the parents code of conduct;
• Ensuring your child reads and understands the players codes of conduct;
• Helping out when asked to by your coach.

Melbourne rugby follow the RFU coaches code of conduct:
• All rugby coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person with whom they work with;
• All rugby coaches must place the physical and emotional wellbeing of all young players above all other considerations, including the development of performance;
• All rugby coaches must ensure that all activities undertaken are appropriate to the age, maturity, experience and ability of the young players;
• All rugby coaches must promote the positive aspects of the sport.

If a parent or player believes that a coach is breaching the guidelines above, the parent should address the issue with the coach. A different approach is for the parent or player to raise the issue directly with the Safeguarding Officer, Andrew Vintner (07867542363,

3) Players' Code of Conduct

Melbourne RFC expect all children to follow the RFU Players code of conduct:
(a) Recognise and appreciate the efforts made by coaches, parents, match officials and administration in providing the opportunity to play the game;
(b) Understand that if an individual or group of players feel they are not being treated in a manner that is acceptable, then they should tell an adult either at the Club or School or outside of the game;
(c) Play because they want to do so, not to please coaches or parent;
(d) Be attentive at all training and coaching sessions;
(e) Work equally hard for themselves and their team – both will then benefit;
(f) Recognise good play by all players on their team and by their opponents;
(g) Be a sportsman – win with dignity, lose with grace;
(h) Play to the Laws of the Game and accept, without question, all referees’ decision even if they appear to make a mistake;
(i) Control their emotions. Verbal or physical abuse of team mates, opponents, coaches, match officials or spectators is not acceptable;
(j) Treat all players, as they would like to be treated themselves. Do not interfere with, bully or take advantage of any player.

Children who breach the above guidelines will be asked to amend their behaviour. Persistent or extreme breaches may lead to a request to leave the sports fields or a ban for the child.

4) Parents' Code of Conduct

We welcome the active support of parents, club policy is that parents should stay at the ground whilst their child is playing or training, if you need to leave your child please make arrangements with another parent you trust to be responsible for them. Rugby has a well-deserved reputation for the sporting way people support their teams and Melbourne strongly believes in encouraging and congratulating good play whichever team it comes from
Melbourne rugby expect parents to follow the Parents code of conduct:
• Remember that young play rugby for their own enjoyment, not that of their parents;
• Encourage young people to play - do not force them;
• Focus on the young players’ efforts rather than winning or losing;
• Be realistic about the young players’ abilities - do not push them towards a level that they are not capable of achieving;
• Provide positive verbal feedback both in training and during the game;
• Remember that persistent, negative messages will adversely affect the players’ and referee’s performance and attitude;
• Always support the rugby club in their efforts to eradicate loud, coarse or abusive behaviour from the game;
• Remember, young people learn much by example;
• Always show appreciation of good play by all young players, both from your own club and the opposition;
• Respect decisions made by the match officials and encourage the young players to do likewise;
• Remember that parents are not permitted on the pitch under any circumstances, during the course of a game, unless requested by a match official.

Parents who breach the above guidelines will be asked to amend their behaviour. Persistent or extreme breaches may lead to a request to leave the sports fields or a ban for the parent.

5) Subscriptions & Kit

Subscriptions: If your child is new to rugby, we advise you give your child time to decide whether he/she likes rugby and wants to continue before paying the subs or buying any kit. To this end we will allow three weeks of try out sessions before we ask for payment of subscriptions. No refunds will be given if your child leaves part way through the year.
Subscriptions are £85 per junior player and £75 for minis and a £10 reduction for siblings - this is the only amount you will pay. Extra monies may be payable for tours and outings arranged by coaches.

Player Protection & Kit: For matches the Club will supply shirts, please do not wear this shirt for training. You will need to provide training kit, green shorts, boots and socks. Club kit is available at the shop. (The shop is at Chellaston Academy and should be open training mornings and home games – also online at )
All players playing contact must have gum shields (custom fitted is best), other protective clothing such as scrum caps, shin pads and shoulder padding are not necessary but some children prefer to use them
Please make sure your child is adequately protected from the cold and heat. Ensure that they bring adequate layers of clothing especially in the winter.
Always bring a full water bottle to all sessions to prevent dehydration.
Rugby studs should be kite marked approved when children play contact. Please note that football studs should not be worn for contact rugby and that we discourage the use of blades.

6) Insurance & Welfare & Data

Insurance: insurance for registered players is provided by the club through RFU. It is advisable to check your own insurance for additional cover.

Medication: it is vital your coach is aware of any medical conditions that your child may have. This is also done through the registration process. Please ensure that your child brings his medication to rugby. Please be aware that coaches are not allowed to administer medication to your child. If your child has to be given medication, this must be done by you as parents or through self-medication.

Player Welfare: in accordance with RFU best practise, we have a Welfare Officer in place to address welfare issues raised on a confidential basis by parents, players or opposition teams. The welfare officer, Andrew Vintner can be contacted on 07867542363 –

First Aid: we have attempted to ensure that we have a person in each age group who has undertaken their 1st Aid training and except on very rare occasions we will always have a qualified 1st aider at every venue we play home or away.

Photography: our photography policy is to be found in the documents sections of the web site, please read.

Data: Our Privacy Policy is to be found in the documents section of the website, please read.

7) Rules – Melbourne Rugby follows Age Grade Rugby Rules

Age Grade rugby is a structured progression to cover the introduction, teaching, playing and coaching of the game. For further information please see the England Rugby web site – age grade rugby
Broad outline of rules are:
• Under-6 Non-contact tag rugby
• Under-7 Non-contact tag-rugby.
• Under-8 Non-contact tag-rugby.
• Under-9 Introduces tackling
• Under-10 Introduces unopposed scrum
• Under-11 Introduces kicking.

8) Fixtures & Cancellations

All fixtures can be found on minis and junior section of the club website. Fixtures do change so please watch the website.
There are no coaching sessions on Easter Sunday or on Sundays around Christmas/ New Year depending on age-group preference.
Coaching may also be cancelled if pitches are frozen solid/waterlogged or in other extreme weather conditions.
To save a wasted trip, please call your coach or manager.

9) Becoming More Involved

You are part of the Club - you may never have played rugby but you are very welcome to the Club so please use it and please help us out.
Volunteers: we always need volunteers - it is the only way the Club can provide the coaches and the facilities for your children. None of our volunteers are paid and everything happens as a result of our volunteer’s hard work.
Please don’t wait to be asked - just ask one of the coaches how you can help - it doesn’t have to be a major commitment it can be simply taking a 1 day 1st Aid course or bringing in the corner flags after a match - every little helps - don’t leave it to others! I hope you will and you enjoy getting involved and will enjoy your Sunday mornings more as a result. If you are interested in helping, please speak to your coach or manager.
Fund Raising – We are always looking for financial support from parents or local businesses. All contributions are welcome and can go a long way. For example, a £500 donation will pay for a set of playing shirts of which we purchase 6 a year. Sports matching schemes may mean we can double the value of your donation.
Please speak to our Treasurer, Tom Williams, if you feel you can help (01332 864260)

10) Melbourne Sporting Partnership

You are not only part of MRFC but you are also a member of the Melbourne Sporting Partnership which runs the sporting facilities at Cockshut Lane, Melbourne. You are able to book the facilities which include tennis courts and a 3G all-weather pitch by contacting:
Dave Goalen, facility manager at or
Jane Radcliffe, MSP administrator at
The excellent facilities also include a large function room & bar which are available for hire for private functions. Again, please contact Dave or Jane for further details. The clubhouse bar is open 7 days a week, from 6.00pm on weekdays and from midday on weekend match days, and you are warmly invited to come and try the hospitality.
Volunteers from the rugby club to work on the bar on an ad-hoc basis are welcome, whilst paid staff are regularly being sought. In the first instance please contact Greg Smith, one of our U11 coaches who is also one of several representatives that the rugby club have supporting the MSP.

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